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skratchaday96 Skratchaday 096: Black Cat, Gambit, Rogue, Wolverine & Scarlett! Woo.


Just not in place of the Hulk statue. Pay attention, kids– hostage negotiations are all an integral part of the institution of marriage. Take notes, I’m passing along gold here. icon wink Skratchaday 096: Black Cat, Gambit, Rogue, Wolverine & Scarlett! Woo.

On with the sketch!

3091 500x662 Skratchaday 096: Black Cat, Gambit, Rogue, Wolverine & Scarlett! Woo.309 500x669 Skratchaday 096: Black Cat, Gambit, Rogue, Wolverine & Scarlett! Woo.329 500x669 Skratchaday 096: Black Cat, Gambit, Rogue, Wolverine & Scarlett! Woo.327 500x688 Skratchaday 096: Black Cat, Gambit, Rogue, Wolverine & Scarlett! Woo.


Not counting yesterday, it’s been awhile since I’ve posted multiple-image Skratchadays, so I thought with all these Free Comic Book Day images on hand, why not?!

A little bit of everything here, from mutants to busty kittens to women torn between a ninja and Nick Fury’s son. Digest those little trivia pieces for a sec.

Okay, yeah– hope you dig them! The owners seemed to. Hard to tell when the sun is screaming down at you, y’know? hehehe

- jeremy dale

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skratchaday95 Skratchaday 095: Spidey, Doctor Doom & Superman!

Oops. hehehehe

On with the sketch!

311 500x669 Skratchaday 095: Spidey, Doctor Doom & Superman!317 500x669 Skratchaday 095: Spidey, Doctor Doom & Superman!333 500x669 Skratchaday 095: Spidey, Doctor Doom & Superman!

I did probably 25 or so sketches on Free Comic Book Day for the fans, and I gotta say: I wish I could have done more! I hate when people walk away empty-handed, but even the dozen or so artists there at this year’s event at Acme Comics could only draw so much (and when there were at least 2 or 3 other guys that did over THIRTY? yeah)… so at 3:45 or so, they closed the sketch lines, leaving 2-5 sketches per artist to finish before 5.

I cranked these out, but at the end? Yeah, my wrist was wrecked. I was the last man sketching (I was still with the fans as they took down the tent they had us in outside the shop), and I hope those that DID get a sketch from me are pleased with what they got. Hopefully!

- jeremy dale

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skratchaday94 Skratchaday 094: SKYWARDs own Taryn!


To be continued… icon wink Skratchaday 094: SKYWARDs own Taryn!

On with the sketch!

312 500x669 Skratchaday 094: SKYWARDs own Taryn!


I was stunned that people wanted SKYWARD-related sketches at Free Comic Book Day this year! Mind you, I DID have copies on-hand of the GRAPHITE EDITION #1 and all the original art as well, but consider me surprised.

In fact, the gentleman that requested this sketch also purchased a page of original art from the series! I had the chance to try out my new CUBE for the iPhone, a handy little credit card reader for my cell phone that lets me take credit card payments anywhere I am. QUITE handy at signings and conventions like last weekend’s FCBD!

I also drew a Quinn, a Slog-Rider, and a Jack the dog for other fans. Glad the characters are appealing to the readers! icon smile Skratchaday 094: SKYWARDs own Taryn!

Note: This is also my favorite sketch of Free Comic Book Day. I just like the grace of how I rendered her. Lots of fun.

- jeremy dale

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skratchaday93 Skratchaday 093: Wolverine Classic

What did you pick up? Were there any creators in attendance signing and sketching? Spill the beans! This was a crazy great year for FCBD– share the love!

On with the sketch!

316 500x669 Skratchaday 093: Wolverine Classic

I dig the Wolverine in the brown and tan– call me old-fashioned, but it best represented the ferocity of the character. In my mind, anyway. All the stripes, seams, and slices in his current look kind of look silly to me. He’s not the kind of guy that would wear much of a uniform anyway, but when he does? I think he’d pick something that gets the message across fast, not something designed to show what he DOES, really, y’know? Maybe it’s just me.

- jeremy dale

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