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On with the sketch!

11sketch83 ultimateX SKRATCHADAY 070: Ultimate X

I’m kind of doing a soft theme week this week– let’s call it “sketches of comics I’m really, really, really enjoying right now and can’t wait to get each new issue of”.

Right here? Marvel Comics’ ULTIMATE X from Jeph Loeb and Arthur Adams. Wow, does this book punch me in the gut with every page, artistically. Arthur Adams is doing probably the best work of his career on this book, and with Peter Steigerwald’s stunning– listen up, I’ll say it again– STUNNING colors, the “four issues in two years” so far Ultimate X is easily the most reread comic in my collection right now. I can’t put it down, and every time I see it there on my spinner rack, I want to go back and read it AGAIN.

Pick it up– there’re only four issues so far, so it’s an easy find. You will NOT regret it.


- jeremy

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Jeremy Dale
Jeremy is a comic book illustrator whose work has appeared in G.I. Joe, Skyward, NFL Rushzone, and many other titles. Jeremy lives in Atlanta, GA with his lovely wife, Kelly and their silly yet lovable dog, Kirby.
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